Owning a car is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be hard…

We’re on a mission to help solve the country’s auto debt crisis, one micro-payment at a time.

The story of Paydownhero is a simple one. After returning from deployment in 2018, U.S. Army Veterans and car enthusiasts, Erik Rueda and Ken Sargavakian were inspired to embark on a new mission… Tackle the nation’s growing auto debt epidemic plaguing car owners from coast to coast across the united states.

More Americans carry auto debt, and they owe more on their loans than ever before. As of 2018, Americans collectively owed 1.25 trillion dollars. An increase of 75% since the end of 2009. With soaring inflation on everyday items, record-high gas prices, and the exploding cost of owning a car, it was clear to the duo that the country has an unsustainable debt problem in desperate need of a solution.

Introducing Paydownhero. A convenient and easy-to-setup roundup app that securely connects your bank account to your car loan and then uses the spare change (roundups) from your daily transactions to make additional payments on your outstanding loan. The goal: to help car owners (not leasers, unfortunately) get out of auto-debit faster, cover their rising interest rates on their loans and put more money back in their own pocket.

Chief Executive Officer - Ken Sargavakian

Chief Executive Officer – Ken Sargavakian

Ken Sargavakian
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Creative Officer - Erik Rueda

Chief Creative Officer – Erik Rueda

Erik Rueda
Chief Creative Officer
Chief Growth Office - Josh Heapes

Chief Growth Office – Josh Heapes

Josh Heapes
Chief Growth Officer
Marketing Advisor - Rich Doucette

Marketing Advisor – Rich Doucette

Rich Doucette
Marketing Advisor
Finance Advisor - John Power

Finance Advisor – John Power

John Power
Finance Advisor

5 star review on the App Store


Awesome app!

“Really novel concept that has helped me immensely with personal finances. Couldn’t recommend more!”


Easy to use!

“The app is easy to use and you can quickly get your car loan under control.”


User Friendly

“Was easy to link accounts and support was immediate.”


Great app!

“Pretty cool to see how much the small roundups actually save me after a few years. Thousands!”